Paper list


Particularly for systems security papers:

(1) Read Abstract → Introduction → Conclusion.

(2) Find and read a motivation (representative) example or case studies. They include a complete (and often realistic) story and how the proposed idea solves the problem with newly proposed methods.

TIP: How to read academic papers

Memory Corruption and Control Flow Hijacking

ROP Attacks

Control Flow and Code Pointer Integrity

More Binary Attack and Defenses

Advanced Attacks

Integer Vulnerabilities and Defenses

Dynamic/Static Analysis Frameworks

Dynamic Analysis

Static Analysis

Symbolic Execution

Virtualization and Security

Kernel security

Sandboxing: Isolation, and Fault localization

IoT and CPS Security

Threat Intelligence Computing

Audit-logging and Provenance Analysis

Code obfuscation/de-obfuscation


Hardware Vulnerabilities - Cases for Meltdown / Spectre Attacks

Hardware and Enclave (SGX) Security

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